Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kathy Week 62: Going Bananas

I love bananas. The other day, I got to thinking about how much I love them, and I did a mental estimate in my head as I was driving:

1 banana / day x 50+ years x 300+ days per year = at least 15,000 bananas I have eaten in my lifetime.


So I was thrilled when I ran across this article in Shine magazine that calls bananas "the ultimate hunger-buster." Bananas, the article says, are loaded with a kind of starch called "resistant starch" (RS), which helps to curb hunger.

Slightly underripe medium bananas have 12.5 grams of RS, which is more than most other foods. Ripe bananas have 4.7 grams of RS, which is still enough to keep hunger pangs away.

Guess I need to eat more slightly underripe bananas...I have had another naughty week.
Current weight = 137. Not much exercise. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Time to get back on track.


Dorothy said...

That's a lot of bananas! I never knew about the RS taught me something new today, Kathy. :)

emmalou said...

That's neat. I really like a good banana. Underripe ones are not nearly as yummy though. Oh well!

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