Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kathy Week 57: Play Day

Slept in 'till 8:30 this morning!! 

Amazing. During the week the alarm clock goes off at 5:15 am, and so I almost never sleep past 6:30 on weekends. I guess my body needed the rest--I've been feeling a little sleep-deprived the last few days, and oh, what a luxury to get to sleep longer. There's quite a bit of research that connects getting enough sleep with losing weight in healthy ways. If you're stuck on the scale, you might try heading to bed a little earlier!

Speaking of scales...
I had some happy news at the scale this morning: 134.
(Last two weeks I was at 135.)

Running report: Yes, I ran 1.5 miles 3x last week.
I'm aiming to run 1.75 miles 3x in the coming week.
My knees are a little tender, so I think I'll go back to running at the track for the coming week. It has that nice rubbery surface, which is more gentle for the joints. I enjoy the variety and views of running on streets, but I need to be kinder to my middle-aged body for a bit.

Since we were already way past breakfast time, Mark and I decided to go for a little breakfast date. We headed for a local path along the Willamette River, with a nearby McDonald's as our destination.

The local sternwheeler tied up at dock.

Fishermen out on the river.

The boat dock.

Ready for breakfast!
(We ran into some longtime friends, also out for breakfast, at McDonald's. Thanks, Edria, for snapping the photo!)

At McDonald's I enjoyed a yummy bacon/cheese/egg biscuit (420 calories) and milk (100 calories). They have a pamphlet that lists all of their nutrition info. Mark tried their new oatmeal, which is actually quite tasty (yes, I snagged a couple of bites), and at only 290 calories and 5 grams of fiber, I plan to select that for my breakfast next time we head to the golden arches. I usually grab an Egg McMuffin (300 calories), but I like the fiber options with the oatmeal.

Our walk to McDonald's and back to the car was 1.3 miles of beautiful river view. Before heading home, we stopped off at Spicer's to load up on produce. Love the funky feel and beautiful produce selections of this little produce store.

Have a great week, Skinny friends! 

My advice to all of us this week:
Get enough sleep
Eat lots of healthy produce
Get some exercise
And remember to get out and play with your friends/honey/kids, too!


Dorothy said...

I can't imagine ever PAYING anyone to make oatmeal....

Ange said...

Love it! I think you should publish the Skinny blog on and sell it. There are so many great ideas, I think it would make a great coffee table book, maybe yours, sans coffee

Gluten Free Teacups said...

Check this no nut snack

alee said...

i have been wanting to try that oatmeal! glad you guys had an enjoyable Saturday together!

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