Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kathy Week 55: Checking In

Not much news to report. January weather...bleh.

I did get out and run 3 times this week.

Weight this morning is 135. Double bleh.

The one bright spot in my Skinny life for the week: I ran 1 1/4 mile on my third run. So that's my new goal for this week. Run 3 times, 1 1/4 miles each time.

Oh, and also, get my weight back to 134, at least.

Maybe I need to go to this website to get myself out the door. I need to get outside and play!!

Sorry, I guess I'm in a mid-January slump, but at least I'm hanging in there. Hope you are, too! I keep reminding myself that every day, there are a few minutes more daylight than we had the day before...

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