Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Dangerous New Years Resolution

So I made a New Year's resolution to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight...yikes. I haven't even had the baby yet and I am already thinking about losing my baby fat! And I have plenty of it...I have gained almost 40 pounds this pregnancy! Yes I know this is more than the traditional healthy recommendation of 25-35 pounds, but it is obviously what my body needed and so I am not that concerned about it...even if my doctor is!

Anywho, so I have this goal and it is kind of frustrating not to be able to get to work on it now while I have the motivation. And then I thought on my walk this morning that I am already working on it by keeping some sort of exercise in my daily routine- and while I will definitely have to step it up to lose the extra weight, it is nice to know that I am not going to have to completely overhaul my habits. I think that is what we should all strive for...not to just make changes to lose some weight but to intend to make a change for life.

So even though I am not to the point where I am going to up my fitness routine yet, I am making some life changes now; I am focusing on drinking lots of water and getting more veggies into my daily meals. What are you going to change this year? Not just for a set amount of time or until you are a certain size, but what life change are you going to commit to this year?

Wish me luck that I have the baby this week...he is so low now that sometimes when I walk in the mornings I think he might just fall out! (Wouldn't that be nice?) And get ready to get back to some intense exercise with me in a month or two! :)


D said...

I tend to gain 50-60 pounds with each pregnancy. My high risk doc was not worried about it at all since I have lost the weight in between each babe. So don't stress!

Kathy Haynie said...

You are motivated Alex! Can't wait for your wonderful baby news, and good for you to include healthy foods and exercise and water in your life right now. I am working on incorporating running in my life on a regular basis this year. I never thought that sentence would come out of me!

Katie said...

Seriously, you have been so good while being pregnant! I'm so proud of you. And--yes--I totally understand about not really being able to get going on goals. There are of course things I can do indoors, but with the way things are in my life right now, I feel like I'm kind of stuck until the weather gets better. Kind of lame, but it's just my reality right now.

And best wishes on having that sweet baby boy SOON! :)

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