Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Katie: Week 47

Same as last week...

Current weight: 129 pounds
Last week's weight: 129 pounds
Total weight loss: 41 pounds

I'll admit, I'm a little discouraged. I do have a few days where things just get too busy to exercise or keep track of calories, but for the most part I really have been so good about everything.  And yesterday I went on two walks--both about an hour each--and Bryan and I went running and I ate a good amount, but I definitely burned more calories than I took in... and I still came out at 129.4 this morning.  Bah.  I did make it down to 128.something last week, but things got crazy with a big Relief Society Christmas day I was in charge of and by the end of the week I was back up to 130 again, even though I really am not entirely sure why.


Despite/because of all this, I have raised my goals a little.  Instead of running 3 times a week I am now going to try and go running 5 times this week.  And I'm going to try and go on at least 1, maybe 2 walks a day whenever I can.  And, as always, I try to burn more calories than I take in, while--of course--still eating a healthy amount of the things my body needs.  I don't starve myself.

But anyway, I really am getting worried about whether or not I'll actually be able to meet my goal by Christmas.  If I do it will definitely be because of Divine Intervention.  Because, clearly, my efforts alone are not cutting it.

Oh, and before I forget (again) here are the pictures of me from last week:

Oh yeah, and one more thing.  Lately my feet have been hurting more often while I run and after I finish running.  I bought my running shoes back during my sophomore year of college (umm... four or five years ago?) and I think they're worn out and that this could be part of the problem.  But I really don't feel like shelling out the dough for new running shoes.  But is that probably the answer here?  Any input?  Because yesterday my heels were really sore when we got back from our run and while we were running the bottom of my big toes hurt.  Which is weird.  Anyway, advice would be much appreciated.

Happy Tuesday!


alee said...

Are they the ones we bought together? Because I have gone through like 3 or 4 pairs since then, but I do run a lot. Turn your shoes over and check the tread on the bottom...if it is the bottom of your feet that is hurting, usually it is that you don't have enough tread on your shoes.

I know it isn't fun to spend money on stupid running shoes, but take it as a good thing that you have officially worn out a pair of running shoes by running too much! :)

Katie said...

i don't by "running" shoes specifically, because I too don't wanna spend the money, but I do buy a new pair of sports shoes (Champion brand) from Payless every year. they are only $25ish and work pretty good for all the walking/running & exercise I do throughout the year. New shoes will make all the difference though!

Bryan Lewis said...

Good job sticking with your goals, Katie. I know it's hard, but you're the baste.

Josh and Alice said...

I got my running shoes from Big Five on the Parkway and State street intersection (if I'm still remembering my Orem directions right...). They usually have good deals there.

Syl said...

You probably need new shoes. You don't need like inserts or anything do you? And yes, you are the baste.

Marae said...

whoa, skinny! nice work. i'd say you're def overdue for some new shoes. check ross! i get them for $15-35 usually.

Kathy Haynie said...

Katie, you look great! Yes, it's probably time for new running shoes. I hate buying shoes, too, but it's worth the investment in so many ways. Your feet will thank you.

Anonymous said...

Not only will your feet thank you, but your muscles will get a better work out, you will do less damage to your joints, and you will recover faster.

Coming from a former [and attempting to be again] runner, if you are planning to up your running to 5 days you really need to buy running shoes. Do not skimp and buy Payless shoes. The real thing will last much longer and will be better for your body in the long run.

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