Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kathy Week 47: Maintenance is Weird

Kathy's Week 47 Stats:
Two weeks ago Weight: 131
Today's Weight: 130
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss: 21 pounds

I'm still trying to figure out how to get my head around maintaining my weight.

With weight loss, there's a mission. Exercise more, eat less.

With weight maintenance, I find myself playing weird mental games with myself.
--How much (chocolate) can I eat and not gain the weight again?
--How little can I exercise and not gain it back?
Stupid, I know.
Living by these kinds of questions practically guarantees yo-yo-ing back and regaining the lost weight.

Some better questions might be:
--How can I make my food choices as healthy as possible, including my snacks?
--How can I fit a reasonable amount of healthy exercise into my life?

I found some helpful suggestions for maintaining goal weight here and here.
According to these websites, I should be getting more exercise than I am now, and it would help me to keep a food journal. Ummm...we'll see about that. I'm feeling burned out right now on maintaining a food journal, and the weather outside is frightful, making it discouraging to go out and walk. But I'm thinking about starting up with my weight-lifting program again, and I have been focusing on healthier meals the last week or so.

Speaking of healthy meals...Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween had too much chocolate for me to handle, but I have some healthy recipes planned for our Thanksgiving meal, and I think I'll be fine.

Be sure to check the left-hand sidebar of The Skinny for the Apple-Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes recipe - so easy, so yummy, so low-calorie!

And I know that everyone has their own favorite way to cook a turkey, but my absolute favorite for quick, easy, no-mess, and moist is to cook the turkey in a Reynolds Cooking Bag. Genius.

Have fun, and enjoy the leftovers!

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alee said...

Maintenance is a weird thing- you don't want to feel guilty eating treats once and awhile but it is so hard not to after you have been watching it for so long! And that makes them hard to enjoy...until you just get over it and then that is trouble too.

I agree that maintenance is the trickiest part...good luck finding what works for you!

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