Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kathy Week 59: Uh oh...

Gahhh. Got on the scale this morning: 136.
Too much stress-related eating this week, not enough logging food choices on

I want spring!
I want sunshine and warm afternoons!

Today at the grocery store I bought these hyacinth bulbs. I know they'll probably only bloom this one time since they were forced, but I couldn't help myself. Do you know this poem? I've loved it for years:

If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,
And from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left,
Sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.

Moslih Eddin Saadi
Gulistan (Garden of Roses)

Ok, so I'm certainly not bereft of my mortal goods, but I decided it was ok to spend $2.99 on some hyacinths to feed my soul. I'm excited for them to bloom sometime this week! I love the idea that we need beauty in our lives as well as the "necessities."

This week I'm trying out a couple of recipes from the "Active Calorie Diet" recipes at You can find a bunch of them here. I don't buy their claim that I don't need to count calories...I know how I tend to "fudge" (no pun intended) when I'm not tracking myself...but I am intrigued by the idea of eating higher quality foods for the calories that I'm "spending."

I also found out yesterday that I won't be able to go on the 5K run I signed up for in April. Boo hoo. We'll be out of town that weekend, it turns out. So I'm going back to the Runner's World racefinder to check out other races in my area. I'm still running 2 miles 3x per week, and my knees are holding up ok so far! Yay!

In the middle of a crazy-busy week, I had this happy news, and I posted photos here.

Happy Valentines Day this week, dear Skinnies! Spring is coming...I just know it is...

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