Thursday, February 3, 2011

I lost 20 pounds this week!

Yes, it is true...I finally had my precious baby boy and came home from the hospital about 20 pounds lighter. And while I won't brag about him (sorry, he really is just perfect!) I will share a few details of his birth. No, not the gross kind- you can keep reading :)

I had to be induced because our little Leo wasn't coming on his own and was getting pretty big. I am about 5'3 and semi-petite framed and wanted to have a vaginal birth and they were estimating his weight at about 9 lbs...he ended up being 9 lb 1 oz, 22 in long. Anywho, they started an IV and broke my water in the early morning; I labored all day and pushed for a little over an hour before he arrived, shortly before 9pm.

My doctor was concerned because he was a big baby that I wouldn't be able to push him out, however when all was said and done she commended my athleticism (knowing I am a runner and dancer) and said that it was probably the reason that I was able to do it. I have recovered really quickly too- sure I am tired, but who with a one-week-old isn't? My body has done really well and I was up and moving around almost immediately. I contribute this too to the fact that I was good and healthy and active before and during my pregnancy. So all in all I guess I just wanted to let all you Skinnies out there know that it is worth it- the exercise, the sweat, the healthy is worth it! Because when your body has to go through something traumatic, such as birth, it does so much better if you are in good shape!

Now I am counting down the days until my doctor gives me the go-ahead to start exercising again (not to mention until it gets warm enough to take my boy out!) I truly miss it and have never been more grateful for a healthy body than now. Sometimes our motivation comes out of wanting to look a certain way, which I understand and fall victim to as well, but try really hard this week to focus on making yourself feel good and matter what size you are or what you look like!


Polly said...

Ohhhh! Congratulations! He's adorable! Way to go on your labor!

Lisa Lou said...

CONGRATS!!! What a great accomplishment and such great motivation to have a healthy pre-pregnancy body!

Kathy Haynie said...

Alex, he is beautiful. I am SO proud of you! You are a champion mama, and you will have so much fun being active with this wonderful little boy. Congratulations!

Katie said...

Congratulations again Alex! He is such a cutie!

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