Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Katie: Week 43 Committing to 13 in 9

Gettin' back in the groove...

Current weight: 133 pounds
Last week's weight: 134 pounds
Total weight loss: 37 pounds

Hey, guess what?  It's Tuesday.  Uhh... I kind of forgot.  Oops!  Sorry.  But I have good news!  I lost a pound!  Yay!  This past weekend we went to Ohio for the last of our school visits to look at optometry schools for Bryan.  So I was naughty and ate junk food while we were there (two words: pumpkin doughnut), but our friends that we stayed with were really nice and fed us all the time so we didn't have to eat out, so I think that helped a lot.  (Thanks guys!)  Also, I was a lot more determined when we got back from our trip to get back into my healthy groove, so the transition from bad to good wasn't so... well, bad.  :)  What've I been doing?
  • Going on a walk every day
  • Running 3 times each week
  • Doing 50 crunches every day (real, focused crunches, not the sissy kind)
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water every day
  • Entering all of my food/exercise into MyFitnessPal every day
  • Getting to bed by 11pm every night
  • Doing something nice for somebody every day
  • Recording my daily weight
Well, in theory at least.  I often fail at drinking all 8 glasses of water, but I'm working at it.  And I think in the past three weeks I've only made it to bed by 11pm one night (last night).  But other than that I really am doing pretty well.  And it is totally helping. 

Right now I'm 13 pounds away from my goal weight.  And it's basically 9 full weeks until Christmas.  So my goal is to keep working at it and give myself something for Christmas I've been wanting for a long time--a healthy, fit body (hopefully with a flat tummy--I'm getting there!).  13 pounds?  9 weeks?  You think I can make it?  I do!  Wish me luck!


Kathy Haynie said...

Go Katie! Good for you!! Yes, I am sure you can do it. Merry Christmas!!

emmalou said...

Very ambitious. But that's a good thing. You got it, girl!

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