Thursday, December 31, 2009

Healthy Portions

Today when my husband and I were getting ready to eat lunch he said something that really got me thinking.  He was about to put a small bowl in the microwave that I didn't think was microwave safe, so I asked him to put it in one of our regular bowls.  He protested, saying that he thought the bowl would do fine in the microwave and, besides, his portion would look tiny in our regular bowls.  In the end, I did convince him to heat his food up in something else, but he had a fair point.  Our plates and bowls that we bought when we got married are huge.  I'll admit that we picked them out based on looks and didn't think about much else.  I'm a little surprised they even fit in the cupboard.  In any case, this led to our Walmart purchase tonight of this (the picture is from Walmart's website):

It's a nice little set of normal size Corelle Livingware plates, bowls, and mugs.  Heaven knows we don't need the mugs (how is it that random mugs are always collecting in our cupboard?), but I'm excited to use the normal size plates and bowls.  I think this will help me eat more regular portions without my eyes whining that it's not enough.

P.S. Thanks Mom and Vati for the anniversary money that paid for the dishes.  Love, Katie


Polly said...

We love our Corelleware...but yeah...why do they have to come with mugs. Maybe you can do something crafy with paint them and then give them as gifts.

Kathy Haynie said...

Good idea! When you pick up that Prevention magazine, be sure to check out page 86. There are some helpful guidelines for eyeballing portion sizes.

I agree with both you and Polly about the dumbness of extra mugs. But what a great idea to consider them as potential gifts. Even if you don't paint them, you could load up a pair with herbal tea bags or something for anniversary gifts for your young-married friends.

emmalou said...

We did the exact same thing when we got married. Our plates wouldn't even fit in our microwave! That's pretty messed up. So we usually end up using the Walmart dishes Eric had before we got married. They really are much better.

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