Friday, July 8, 2011

I Don't Know How Much I Weigh...

Aggh - I'm on a 3-week vacation without a scale! I feel a little insecure about the whole thing. Even when I'm in a naughty phase, and the scale keeps creeping gradually up-up-up, at least I KNOW it. Now I feel like I'm floating without my anchor.

So we are on a 3-week road trip. I left the house with all kinds of promises to myself about only eating healthy. So far we've had two days on the road. The first day my promises-to-self flew out the window - munched on too much salty popcorn and too many almonds. Wait, that's better than cookies and milkshakes, right? The second day I did better. It helps to keep the food in the back of the car and out of reach as we're driving along.

Now we are at my brother-in-law's house for a two-day family reunion. This BIL loves to cook, so there will be lots of eating included in the activities. I'm reminding myself to monitor portion sizes.

I guess I'll be monitoring weight with watching to make sure that my pants aren't getting too tight, etc. We did get out for a 30-minute jog yesterday morning, and we'll be heading out for another jog in just a few minutes.

Coming Clean: Mark and I wrapped up the "Clean" cleanse last week before we left home. I'm glad we did it. Because of our upcoming trip, we only ate Clean for two weeks instead of the recommended three. I think a third week would be hard, but maybe I'd just get into a rhythm. Mark thinks we should try it again sometime, so we'll see. The first week I lost a LOT of weight (142 to 135 - wow!). The second week I maintained at 135-136. After coming off clean, I easily maintained at 136.

Now I'm traveling without a scale for 3 weeks...I don't know how much I weigh! But I do know that I want to get more exercise as we travel, and I'm going to keep reminding myself how much better I feel when I make healthy eating choices.

We camped at this little cabin on the Snake River in Idaho on the first night of our road trip.

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Katie said...

Haha. It's funny reading your post. I used to check myself on the scale every day, often several times a day. We sold our scale before we moved and now the only time I've weighed myself was when we were visiting you guys last month (or was it two months ago now?). Anyway, there's something wonderful about not knowing how much I weigh. And still, I think sooner or later we'll get a scale.

In the mean time- enjoy it!

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